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jacob's place

Astin Jacobo was a community leader in the Crotona neighborhood from the 1970's until his passing in 2002. Jacob worked with his neighbors to confront the issues threatening the very existence of his community in the 1970's and 80's. He convinced his neighbors they could make a difference when they got involved in the neighborhood. We dedicate Jacob’s Place to honor the many contributions he made to the effort to improve the Northwest Bronx.


Jacob's Place is a new 63-unit apartment building that also contains a 6 classroom, early childhood center.  It was built by Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation at 2350 Webster Avenue in the Bronx.  Built on four vacant lots, which was some of the last city owned land available for this type of housing in the Northwest Bronx, it provides sound housing for the hard working people of its neighborhood and will continue to do so for many years into the future. Its construction completed a 15 year effort by FBHC to restore housing along a five block stretch of Webster and Park Avenues.


The building is beautifully landscaped and the construction included many features that were cutting edge at the time.  Efficient lights, boiler, elevators, and kitchen appliances were all  included in the building as well as floor tiles made out of recycled materials, low-voc paints and primers and windows containing argon gas for better temperature control. The roof contains early experimental green roof and a solar electricity system to offset electric use in the public spaces.

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